POS (Point of Sales) Solutions

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Specification of Japanese restaurant

POS operation varies, as there are kinds of services, like course meal, pizza, chinese, buffet, and so on. Especially, Sashimi, Sushi, Rolls are major hurdles for POS.

Main Challenges

  • Occasionally, sushi chef serves customers sitting on the counter like a server
  • Undecided prices, such as market price, and depending on the part of fish
  • Picky requests are common among sushi eaters, like extras and nos on rolls
  • Some items must be cooked at kitchens and timely collaboration is needed
  • Complicated discount, such as ALL YOU CAN EAT and LUNCH HALF PRICE
  • Prices might be different between tables and counters
  • Sushi slip is terribly tricky, for written by servers, sushi chef and customers

We show a lot of ways to handle these challenges, and make you ease to decide on one of them.

Discontent with POS

We sometimes hear POS from users saying, "POS is less than expected", or "It is bit harder than expected. Here are some hints of how to deal with them.

  • I presume POS increase sales and reduce cost.
    POS is just a tool. Men have to do it using POS well.

  • POS is too difficult and I'm not confident in using POS well enough.
    POS has so many functions due to so many restaurants. You needn't to use everything.

  • After making security level tougher, operation became tougher.
    Security is regulation of usage liberty. You should talk to operators and consider to find the suitable settings for current situation.

  • POS doesn't produce reports which I expected.
    POS doesn't lie. Figuring out the gap between result and expected is a POS ultimate purpose.

  • I can't save taxes.
    POS is a restaurant operation tool, and is not accounting system.

  • What to do if it is broken.
    POS is a machine and breaking down is inevitable. You must prepare to do business without POS as you do with appliances. >

Take One System's goal is to make POS beneficial for restaurants. We stand by customers honestly, and try to make a best system as hard as possible together.


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