POS (Point of Sales) Products

We offer a best choise of POSs fitting to each various style of restaurants.

Restaurant Manager

Middle and Large scale essential POS.


  • Intuitive graphical Table layout
  • Flexible choice of toppings, size, and managing course meal
  • Ample security levels
  • Abundant categories and classifications of sales reports
  • Automatic switch screens according to places and servers
  • Handheld terminals
  • Independent Back office functions

Screen sample

Restaurant Manager table layout Restaurant Manager order screen Restaurant manager hand held
Table Layout Order Entry Handheld

Restaurant Pro Express

Small to Mid rang Restaurant POS


  • Possible Do it yourself easy setup
  • Good fault tolerance
  • All around POS, form Dine, Delivery, to Takeout
  • Accessible to Management functions form Touch screen
  • Easy Gift card function
  • Powerful item modifiers

Screen shots

Restaurant Manager table layout Restaurant Manager order screen
Table Layout Order Entry
Restaurant manager hand held
Management Screen

Website & Web Order System

Build Original Website with Web Order System
Web Order System


  • Market Expansion with your original website
  • Web Order System with Minimal monthly fee
  • Take Orders from your website  includes mobile site
  • Combine other marketing tools with website and online order system will be a BIG SUCCESS!
  • → Click HERE to see our demo.