POS (Point of Sales) System

If you need POS, please let us help you.

Point Of Sales

POS has indefinite power, such as nanoseconds calculation, accurately sending orders to kitchens. Take One Systems has proudly three kinds of POS systems to offer to for customers who have various restaurant styles and budgets. We also do professional after-cares and propose peripheral systems other than POS.



These are major good results of installing POS.

  • Decrease of misplaced or unplaced orders: It happens more likely when it is busy. Forgetting to write down orders on guest checks.
  • Diminution of miscalculation:No matter larger or smaller, inaccurate tallies cause loosing customers' credits.
  • Fall of dishonest acts:POS helps you to find out when a foul play by employees occurs.
  • Decrease of wrong cooking:Accurate information sent by POS prevents miscommunication.
  • Drop unnecessary service:No miss leads to no apology discounts.
  • Up motivation between employees:Publicizing employees sales acts boosts their competition.
  • Increase orders:Servers have more time to serve customers,which leads more smiles and orders.
  • Reduce labor cost:POS records right login and logout time. Also quick End of the day process release employees sooner.
  • Shorten training term:POS's easy operation makes new trainees to learn much much quicker.
  • Lessen waste of goods:Using Inventory functions, short hand or over hand goods will be more apparent.
  • Expand customers: Also there are many ways to get more customers' attention, such as Gift cards, Royalty systems, and so on.