POS (Point of Sales) Service

We widely cover the fields from initial consulting to daily operations.

POS Consulting

Take One Systems is an experienced and knowledgeable resaler and system vender thruogh many sites, and we'd like to propose an ideal system to you restaurant requirement.

These are some important issues to hammer out together:

  • Number of items, diversity of toppings, and regularities.
  • Sales style at Tables, Bars, and Sushi Counters
  • Number and skill of servers, and each level of responsible
  • Special discount or coupons such as All you can eat and 2 for 1
  • Customers tendency, busies hour, style of payments
  • Methods of tip sharing and cash sales flow
  • Management of franchise shops and central office control


We offer various services as to smoothly POS operation start up.

  • Step Up Instruction
    Around one year after installation, we consult and educate users with upper level functions to make POS more beneficial.
  • Security Consulting
    We consult owners how to set more suitable tough security level due to the level of POS operators.
  • Field Service
    We do onsite service for Q&A, new menu setup, and other request.
  • Remote Support
    We remotely operate POS computers from our office via internet, so as to answering questions, and settling problems.

Other Services

We propose various systems other than POS.

  • Surveillance camera systems
  • WEB design and publishing for restaurant promotion and online order entry
  • Accounting systems
  • Time card systems