Flow of Consulting

We propose new advancing systems, but also keep and inherit your current IT asset as much as possible.

Step 1:

First we Interview you about your wishes and goals for the system. Hearing about current problems, inconveniences, and your ideas of new job flows.

Step 2:

We analyze the information above at the view-point of of IT, and we categorize the ideas and the problems. Then we sort out functions and flows, and make a definition of new system requirement.


Step 4:

The most important thing is smooth establishment and transition. We offer supports for those as much as we can. And we instruct appropriate installation of infrastructure in advance. Also we instruct necessities for securing systems, and trouble shootings.

Step 3:
System Design

Break down of the requirement definition into individual system entities. Our experts study viabilities of them with new technologies. Then hummer our an ideal system design considering flexibility for your future business expansion.


Step 5:

We help operational educations, such as making comprehensible manuals, and necessary new rules for new job process.
Also we offer new operator training and seminars.

Step 6:

We support system and equipment management. Remote help and remote maintenance are available. Also we take over those tasks for you as an outsourcing.

Major Fields

We consult various fields.

  • IT help for entrepreneurs: We introduce many useful tools for individuals and small business.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: Cut the Total Cost of Ownership, as downsizing systems, and switching to more efficient network.
  • Management of IT assets: Evaluate and manage usability of complicated IT assets.
  • Replace old systems: Propose new equipment and software as to replace generation- old systems.
  • Integration of multiple business sites: Propose wide range system integration, establishing VPN all over the US. or Trancepacific.
  • Upgrading current system: Upgrading current IT assets as little job change as possible.
  • Security consulting: We offer general proposals for network vulnerability, securing passwords, and data management.
  • Integration of support venders: We take care of all kinds of technical issue, contacting multiple hardware and software venders on behalf of you.